My name is Sam and I am an artist, a photographer and crazy dog lady who spends her spare time volunteering at the Animal Welfare League Queensland. I am also a wife, a staffy mum, an avid reader, lover of travel and bird nerd.
As a girl I always loved creating art and taking photographs. My Mum bought me my first camera when I was 14 and she must have spent a fortune developing rolls of film featuring kittens, horses, cows and my teenage friends. After studying graphic design my career journey evolved from creating artwork, newspaper advertisements, logos and websites to leading teams.
I have now gone full circle and am rediscovering my creative nature through the medium of pastel and photography with a focus on dog photography and pet portraits. Inspired by the love for our dogs and those waiting to be adopted at our local animal shelter, I established Two Black Dogs Art & Photography to capture the joy and friendship that animals bring to our lives.
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